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NT Marine Engineering and Electrical in an owner operated Northern Territory business specializing in marine electrical and mechanical maintenance. Founded in 2008 by Managing Director Daniel Klein, NT Marine is a business, which provides both mechanical and electrical services to the commercial marine industry, the oil and gas industry, the mining sectors and the remote part of the Northern Territory.

Daniel started his career in the navy in 1995 as a Marine Technician and spent seven years at sea and ashore working on various vessels to gain the experiences and knowledge required for the operation of these vessels. Amongst gaining this knowledge, Daniel also learnt what was required to operate a commercial business in the ever-changing environment of the marine technical industry. Daniel now works as chief engineer on various oil and gas rigs for Millennium Offshore.

NT Marine is built on the basis of having industry professional excellence, high standards, ethics and exceptional services. All staff show these qualities from electricians to admin staff.

NT Marine has been associated with projects in the mining, oil, gas, and tourism and off shore rig industries and is able to supply management, supervision, project management and labour in the following trades:

  • Electrical contracting
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance and installation
  • Advanced electrical fault finding and diagnostics
  • Engineering design and CAD drafting
  • Project delivery
  • Mechanical fitting
  • Telecommunications and data
  • Welding and fabrications
  • Offshore electrical maintenance and installation
  • Offshore labour and parts supply
  • Logistics and offshore logistics
  • Supervision of various trade personal and/or labour hire

Over the five years of operation, NT Marine has built a strong working relationship with Darwin’s Naval Defence through the on-going support of the Armidale Class Patrol Boats, landing craft and the support of any visiting naval vessels. Recently we have also been working with Westsea Marine, Teras Offshore Australia, BAE Systems and various fishing vessels and companies in the NT Including NT Welding and Forward Horizons

Workforce Development

Our staff are constantly faced with challenges of varying issues. NT Marine has a very diverse ways of training staff. These range from the following:

On the job training

  • Cross training of trades
  • Apprenticeships and mature ages apprenticeships
  • Post trade training
  • Diploma level courses
  • Safety training conducted by Recovery Time Objective
  • Client Specific Training
  • Industry Specific training

All technical staff are trained in working at heights and confined space operations during the first 12 months of their employments. All electrical staff are trained in first aid and low voltage rescue as part of their post trade training, which is revised annually. To meet the current industry standards, training is essential part of NT Marine schedule. Cross credit training of several staff has been conduct, including one mechanical fitter obtaining a restricted electrical license, allowing the employee to do restricted electrical work.

Due to the diverse nature of work conducted by NT Marine, on the job training has become a requirement in order for staff to learn the skills that are not taught in courses. The training is carried out on a development basis. The seniority of the trades person and the equipment being worked on dictates the level of on the job training. Mentoring by senior staff of the less experienced staff has been proven to be one of the most efficient and successful method of training.

Over NT Marine’s six years of operation, we have employed three electrical apprentices and one mature aged mechanic apprentice. NT Marine is always interested in recruiting of school-aged apprentices, as part of a growth strategy. NT Marine maintains a training register to ensure all training carried out can be audited as required.

In May 2011, NT Marine hired a full time, qualified book keeper to further develop the business’s administration processes. As of February 2013, the administration staff has also grown and an office assistant was appointed to the team. All admin staff are to have a minimum level of Certification II in Business Communication and Technologies.

Building Business Capabilities

NT Marine was founded in 2008 with a vision of creating a business with the “one stop shop” focusing mostly on the marine based businesses. The business was originally founded as a sole trader but in late 2009 became a company. Over the five years NT Marine has been operating, the business has reinvested profiles, made ever growing business relationship and has had milestones which has helped the business expand to what it is today.

The overview below shows the key points in NT Marine’s growth:

September 2008: NT Marine commenced trade as a sole trader

December 2008: Staffing levels increased to three personnel

January 2009: Staffing levels increased to six with the appointment of an electrical apprentice and assistant manager

June 2009:  Increased staffing levels to nine with the successful quotation and winning of the Turnkey Electrical Contract for Wildman River Resort build

August 2009: The company Current Compliance PTY LTD was formed and started trading as NT Marine Engineering and Electrical

September 2009: Increased staffing levels to ten with the appointment of a workshop manager

July 2010: Increased staffing levels to twelve in order to manage additional work during ACPB refit period

May 2011: A full time bookkeeper became part of the NT Marine team

July 2011: Relocated to a four hundred metre square

November 2011: The appointment of a sales manager and the sister business NTMIS was formed

December 2011: Contract for the Hay Point expansion with a small scale operations in Mackay commenced the NT Marine conducting marine electrical maintenance

June 2012: Strategic business relationship formed with Sydney based company ISC Australia Pty Ltd

January 2013: Started supporting the offshore industry with the installation and maintenance of electrical work

July 2013: NT Marine moved business to the new industrial estate of Hidden Valley, and put in place a strategic shared location with Forward Horizons  

August 2013: Official opening of NT Marine’s new premises

NT Marine develops specific bench level instructions of a safe work method statement to ensure consistency of procedures and standards so that all staff present and future keep the standards that the company of quality assurance.

NT Marine is built on a solid foundation of professionalism and a commitment to ensure high standards of work whilst remaining a cost effective service. NT Marine is very conscious about doing business in the Northern Territory, due to the its remote location and the costs associated with shipping supplies from the southern parts of Australia. NT Marine is committed to our clients and has a sister business NT Marine Industrial Supplies (NTMIS) which wholesales marine and industrial parts to the broader commercial sector. The founding of NTMIS reduces load time and costs. The direct access to stock allows for a fast turn- around time for particular jobs.

NT Marine is supported by a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to promote and support their product range. NT Marine is the mast distributor of the following Original Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Cummins Onan Generators
  • Mastervolt Invertor Chargers
  • Fisher Panda
  • Johnson Pumps
  • Griffin Fuel Filtration
  • Spectra Water Makers
  • Surekleen Environmentally Friendly Cleaning products
  • Straub Pope Couplings
  • Tridon Clamping Solutions

NT Marine offers a 24 hours 7 days a week service for a quick turnover of repairs and projects which the NT Marine team is working on. NT Marine strives itself on keeping the client fully informed to ensure that the maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. NT Marine provides the 24 hours 7 days a week service, as it understands the high tempo of the operational environment.


NT Marine operates in a very diverse range of industries with industry opportunities and standards consistently changing. NT Marine understands that with the ever-charging importance to keep up to date with the most current regulations and information.

NT Marine is conscious about the increasing demand on businesses to provide a cost effective product and therefore commits to having attended professional developments, industry briefings, industry specific expos and general expos.

NT Marine has professional membership and promotional activities with ICN, AIDN and the Chamber of Commerce. NT Marine strives itself on making appearances at many expos, meetings and conferences.  The following are just some of which a staff member had attended:

  • 2011 – SEAOCC
  • 2012 – Exhibitor at the Land Warfare Conference with the NT Government
  • 2013 – Gas and Mining expo in Perth
  • Various government defence industry briefings

NT Marine prides itself by attending as many expos, conferences and meetings as possible.


NT Marine has a variety of marketing strategies, which are constantly put in place thoroughout Darwin, Australia’s major cities and internationally. To name a few of NT Marine’s marketing strategies:

  • Website - www.ntmee.com
  • Business cards – NT Marine has business cards, which have all contact details on them.
  • The White Pages – NT Marine’s information can be found in the white pages.
  • Television Advertisement – NT Marine currently have a television ad which plays daily throughout the NT on Southern Cross
  • Signage – The NT Marine logo can be found on all electrical and mechanical staff uniforms and on all company vehicles and the varying signs on the building premises.
  • Coasters – NT Marine has coasters as one of its minor forms of marketing

NT Marine often takes parts in various expos around the nation as part of the marketing strategy.

NT Marine had the privilege of sponsoring the Navy’s HMAS Coonawarra Relay for Life team, with the money raised going to the NT Cancer Council. NT Marine was able to supply the uniforms and donated a large amount of money to the Cancer Council.

NT Marine was an attendant of the Business at Sunset with the Chamber of Commerce, and was a student of the 2012 DISC Course. NT Marine also participates in the Commonwealth Bank Golf Day which supports one of the local charities.

Strategic Partnerships

NT Marine has been working closely with BAE Systems conducting fortnightly routine maintenance and cradle rocks to the mirror war vessels.  It is important that the NT Marine staff understand the requirements, which are needed to work on the vessels. NT Marine is always reviewing business operations and procedures to keep up the industry standards in all the elements -  training, safety, costing and quality assurance.

NT Marine in conjunction with supporting the navy fleet’s vessels, the staff teach the officers the skills needed to obtain an electrical license at a civilian level when they leave the navy. NT Marine prides itself of hiring ex Defence personnel.

In December 2012, NT Marine started a contract with MacConnell Dowell in Mackay to conduct marine fleet maintenance. This contract lead to having a satellite branch set up in Mackay’s city.

Strategic Infrastructure

NT Marine operates its business out of the centrally location of Berrimah. This bases the company in a central location for all the industries it supports – defence establishments and major port facilities.  This base supports the engineering workshop, administration services and engineering office, as long with the sister business NTMIS. The workshop area is a total of 400 square metres.

NT Marine operates with a fleet of stocked vehicles that provides the workers with the mobile capability that is needed. The mobile fleet includes a fully stock work van, three services utes and one two tonne truck with a crane and tipping capabilities. A fully enclosed secure trailer is set up and ready to deploy for a major, long term project. NT Marine currently has a service vehicle deployed in Mackay for the workers to use.

A business study is currently under way to see if a barge service would benefit the business. This study will assess whether or not having a vessel would be a viable asset and service watercraft at anchor or moored within the Darwin habour. The targeted watercraft include dredges, commercial watercraft and any who do not have a mooring point at one of the marinas.

NT Marine strives itself on furthering the business so it becomes the “one stop shop” the owner and directors want it to be. NT Marine wishes to continue work with the Defence maintenance and to have more commercial work.

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